Facebook F8 Announcements 2019- All You Need To Know

“The Future Is Private”- an announcement of the privacy-focused vision for the social platform by Mark Zuckerberg, at Facebook F8 Annual Conference.
Facebook publicized a series of updates in this Facebook F8 Announcements- Developer Conference, held in California this year. Facebook’s new features in 2019 will be a huge change for the year. So, let’s explore the changes and facebook latest updates.

Future is Private
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What is the F8 Developer Conference?

F8 Developer conference is facebook’s annual conference. An event in which they announce the change in policies, plans, and updates to its products. Last year, for instance, Facebook announced a Tinder-like feature was in the works. This year F8 agenda is to make a privacy-focused social network. It also launched Oculus Go last year. And this year the show is all about security, privacy concerns, and feature update.

All New FB5- A Redesigned Interface

The Big Blue Social Platform is trying to make it more influential for the audience. Facebook is not just a place to connect with friends and families. It’s also a place to share your passion to the world. Zuck unveiled some of the latest Facebook updates at F8 Conference.

Introducing FB5

Facebook announced they will roll out all new FB5 in the upcoming months. In fact, users will see this update right away on the mobile app. FB5 is a fresh design, faster, simpler, and people will get an immersive experience for connecting with people. The revamp will also upfront the stories to the first place of feed.

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Putting Groups At The Center

With the realignment, Facebook is also going to put the Group option at the Heart of Facebook. There are 10 millions of active groups on right now. Earlier, the platform has already defined the Group priority in the Facebook 2018 update. For instance, they are making it easier to find and connect simply.

Redesigning The Group To Make It Discover Able

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The focus is to reach people in a broad manner. More than 400 million people on this platform joined a group that they find meaningful. So the changes will allow people to discover and engage with groups of people who share your interests.

Similarly, The news feed will now show a personalized feed of activity from all your groups.

Easy Group Participation

The new discovery tool at the top bar will help you interact with groups more frequently. Similarly, the side panel group option will show a personalized group suggestion.

Connecting With Your Secret Crush

In Sept 2018 Facebook launched The Dating App in Colombia. On that platform, you can connect with your potential matches from your community. And this feature is available in Colombia, Thailand, Canada, Argentina, and Mexico. Facebook is now expanding it to 14 more countries- Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, and Suriname.

With the enlargement facebook also announced of its Secret Crush feature. Where you can explore a new secret connection from your friends and community. You can have up to 9 contacts from your community to have a secret crush.

Furthermore, if someone from your list has opted for Facebook Dating, he or she will get a notification about your crush. If he adds you to his circle- that will be matched. Isn’t it cool? Yes, it is. The best part of this feature is if your crush is not using dating, or doesn’t create a list, no one is going to know that you put a friend’s name there. All you do is a SECRET.

Meeting With New Friends

At the F8 Conference, Facebook also announced the improvements in Friends suggestion list. Now meet new friends feature will suggest to your friends from your share community like school, workplace, or from Groups. The feature will soon be rolled out to the users.

New Event Tab

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The social giant also introduces an Event Tab which will be available this summer. The tab suggests you what happening around you and give you some relevant recommendation. You can also discover local business there and plan a get together with your friends.

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Messenger Update

Facebook is not only coming up with a designed interface but also they are coming up with a redesigned and featured messenger app.

Lightweight and Fast App

The messenger app is now lighter than the previous one and more faster. They are rebuilding the architecture so that you enjoy a seamless experience like never before. The faster and lighter messenger app will begin to roll out later this year.

A Facility To Watch Together

Messenger app will get an update later this year which will enable you to watch live with your friends and family in real time. You will be able to share an invitation to your friends to watch together. That could be your favorite show, a funny clip or even home videos.

A Desktop messenger App

Facebook has also announced a messenger app for desktop for both Windows and MacOS. You can download the app for your desktop from the windows app store or apple store. All the features from the mobile messenger version will be available for the desktop one.

Introducing WhatsApp Business Catalog

Whatsapp is a great way to make a connection for both familiar use and business use. Besides that after launching WhatsApp for business, business owners find it is easy to manage the communication with this. Facebook changes 2019, add some features to make it for more convenient for business. Now people can see a business catalog right within WhatsApp when chatting with a business. That means as a business now you can showcase your products in WhatsApp.

Shipping Facility on Facebook Marketplace

There is also good news came out from this Facebook F8 announcements, now people can avail shipping facility from Marketplaces.

Changes To Facebook Ads Manager

With Facebook updates 2019, now Businesses can connect their potential customers by adding lead generation templates, which has been added to Ads Manager. By creating an ad, owners can drive people to the Q&A section in Messenger to connect with customers. Facebook is also adding an appointment booking function to take a quick appointment.

It appears that Facebook now allows page admins to select their display name and photo when they use Messenger on behalf of their page or business. This update was discovered by Social Media Examiner founder and CEO Michael Stelzner.

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Announcements For Instagram

Instagram is also getting some of its feature updates, mentioned during the Facebook F8 Announcements 2019.

Shopping Facility From Creators

Developers are already testing the in-app checkout facility, now Instagram is adding a new feature of shopping. Now you can shop for fashion products from Instagram creators with product tagging tool. The new feature is in testing mode, sooner or later it will begin to go live for the creators.

Instagram Shopping Facility
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Adding Donation Sticker

Instagram is adding a donation sticker to the stories section. Though the feature is only available for the U.S. now but Instagram is trying making it available for the other countries. One can show his support for the non-profit organization by raising funds with the donation sticker.

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Introducing Create Mode In Camera

Instagram is introducing a new camera design including Create Mode, which will give you a simple way to create content without a photo or video. This new camera mode will have effects option. And you can also add interactive stickers, so you can express yourself more freely.

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We come across the various Facebook F8 Announcements. It’s almost like tweaking a little Yelp on Facebook Interface and features. No doubt the social media platform focusing on privacy. As well as trying to make interactive communication for the users. Now you can enjoy features like never before in a secure platform.


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