Google Web Stories- All You Should Know Before Use

Stories are the best way to share your daily activity through visual experience. I guess you already have an idea of how the stories work in Social Media Channels but in case you’re not familiar with the web-stories feature, it’s the same visual content sharing process that resembles the story format like other social platforms. When you think of platforms with Story features you might consider Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat in your mind. But now it’s from the tech giant Google. Well, this feature is not new. Initially, it was under the AMP project (Beta version) with the name AMP-stories. Finally, this project got an uplift this year with the official release of the WordPress Plugin named Web Stories.

What Are Google Web Stories? – A Definitive Guide

Earlier in 2016, Google launched its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project with a goal of advanced mobile performance optimization and AMP stories were a part of this. Both the WordPress plugin and the Web Story programs were in beta test by GitHub.

Later this summer 2020, Google finally released the web stories WordPress plugin and with attachment and animation support. Google’s Web story features allow publishers to upload visual contents in small chunks that are more attractive and a new way to obtain google placements.

What Are The Benefits One Can Get Using Google Web Stories?

What is the purpose of using stories? Stories are to use to explain your abstract ideas or thoughts in a way that makes them accessible and attainable for a short period and of course, is to gain the user’s attention. The small chunks of contents are easy to share for a publisher and easy to consume by the readers. 

While talking about the benefits of Google web stories you’ve to keep in mind that it may seem using stories like other platforms but the option you get as call-to-action here is just a Learn More action button. So the primary benefit you get from google web stories is adding a follow-on link. Well, you can gain more traffic with this.

Visual Reach

Stories are the best way to get visual reach. Stories appear to be strikingly unique from conventional web pages or posts. Since perusers favor visuals over content, the outwardly rich Web Stories completely fit their needs.

Easy To Share & Easy To Consume

Since you don’t have to write a lengthy article for a story it usually takes a couple of minutes to create and share a stunning story. Goggle web stories plugins for WordPress makes it super easy to share stories directly from your dashboard without any coding experience. Just add images, add your desired message, then add your link and share it.

Addition of External & Affiliate Link

You can redirect people to a specific page with a call to action. 

Also, Google clarified that ” Web Stories enable monetization capability for publishers using affiliate links.” – so you can easily add your affiliate links with this stories.

Be Seen Everywhere

That’s Google for you, Web-stories comes with Google Support. So you can expect your appearance in search as well as other google platforms like Google Discover, Google Images, and Google App newsfeed.

Overview Of Google Web-Stories Features

I am sure the visual and immersive Web stories features will certainly attract your eyes. After the announcement of the final WordPress Plugin, I think I’m loving this, though it should have more features in it I guess with the time Google will add some more things to it.

Let’s look at some current features you get-

Support Of variety Of Content Form

You can make your web stories look more attractive with images or videos. Web stories plugin allows you to add your own image or video to make your own story.

Uploading images Google Web stories

You can also search for free Images from the Unsplash Free Image section. The Web Stories plugin now adds support for Unsplash images and videos.

Add images Unsplash in Google web stories
ProTip- If you're using a video then it should be oriented in a vertical layout and not a horizontal one.

Optimized Your Text With Proper Format

You will be able to optimize your content for SEO with web stories heading and paragraph presets. Even you can decorate your texts with Caption and Overline. Caption mode is extremely helpful if you are uploading any videos.

Text addition In Google web stories

The recommended character count is within 200 characters and the font size should be 24 but again you can have your own choice for text.

Variety Of Pre-defined Templates

Explore templates Google web stories

If you’re too lazy to get a design for yourself with just no time, you can use the amazing pre-loaded templates from the Explore Templates Tab understories. Jokes apart, they are nice and catchy. If it fits your need you are good to go with them, It will save a lot of time.


I’ve been getting this question for quite a lot of time from many website owners whether they should invest their time on Google Web Stories or not? Well, the answer is yes you should. I mean why you shouldn’t? For businesses, it’s a great opportunity to drive more traffic to your site. Like the way you already using stories feature with social media platforms.
This is also an opportunity for Bloggers who use affiliate products in their content as you can directly redirect the audience to your affiliated page and get conversion through Google Stories.


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