20 Killer SEO Tips For New Blogger

Are you trying to rank your recent posts on the search engine? You have written a quality content but still, it’s ranking somewhere on the last page of SERP. Hold On ! You have written a quality content but is it SEO optimized? If not then you won’t get a position on Search Engine Result Page. Because SEO optimized articles get better rank. And today I will be sharing some Blog seo tips which can guide you create an SEO friendly Article.

blog seo tips

Creating blog posts is much easier nowadays. But it is hard to rank it on the top page of search engine especially when you are new to blogging. You might have heard about the term search engine optimization but you don’t have any clear idea about it. I’m pretty sure you will write a killer seo optimized content for your next article after reading this. So let’s get started with SEO Tips

What is SEO writing?

Let’s understand what is SEO writing first. well, it is a writing technique that is centered around catching the eye of the web indexing crawlers, or you can say grabbing attention from the search engines by using keywords and several other optimization techniques. Furthermore, SEO writing is an advance writing process of utilizing SEO efforts explicitly.

How SEO Benefits

Huge numbers of my readers ask how SEO benefits? well, my answer to all of them would be if you are writing your article for yourself then it’s okay you are asking but if not then you must focus on crafting an SEO optimized article rather than just writing because you are writing for someone to read. Optimizing content for seo will get you best visibility of your article on the search engine. If you are reading my post today that only because of it rankedSo, write to rank well. SEO helps you get that desired traffic.

As a blogger, you always need to supervise your article for SEO friendliness. Ask yourself before publishing your article does my blog article SEO friendly?

How To Optimize Blog Posts For SEO?

Truly, numerous bloggers neglect to exploit the colossal showcasing capability of their websites. They fear to face the question how would they rank their Blog? Considering all things, the appropriate response is to apply inside SEO, when you compose, keep a few hints in your psyche, that is it. Keep in mind, Search engines will only pull those outcomes which have the potentiality.

As in all composition, composing blog articles requires abilities. To keep your reader engaged, you should consider the structure of your piece and compose engaging articles.

Tips To Write An SEO Optimized Blog Article

If you have a blog, odds are you as of now comprehend the significance of blogging. If not so, do you realize how to improve your blog entries to make them more search engine friendly? The thought of each new blogger’s mind- How can I rank my blog article on google’s first page? We will be discussing how you can do it. Let me help you make your article SEO worthy with content SEO tips.

Do Your Keyword Analysis

Before you start composing, set aside an effort to explore on that specific keyword. You have to do that because picking the correct keyword will bring the traffic. Keyword research is a significant factor in SEO. You need to analyze which keywords people are searching for. On the off chance that you don’t do your research properly, you won’t be able to bring organic traffic to your content unless you visit or read your own.

Keep in mind utilizing the catchphrases isn’t only the reality here. Utilizing it in a prominent place will do the precise activity for your Blog Seo. There are several keyword researcher tools available on the internet. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. You can start with some free keyword planner tool like Google keyword planner or Keyword.io.

Focus On Long-tail Keyword Opportunities

Long-tail keywords are those keywords which are a combination of three or more key-phrases of your search term. They are very specific to your search query.

Let’s say you are searching for “SEO Optimization” -this is a keyword but if I want to extend my searching to ” How to write SEO friendly blog post” then this is a long-tail search. Of course, the key term will have less search volume but this will be more specific than a short tail key-phrase. And more specific means more targeted visitors will come. Relevancy will much higher for visitors who searched for that particular keyword which affects your SEO.

Do A Quick SERP Research Every time Your Write

Before composing a post, you should make a thorough research of SERP. It helps you find what your competitors are doing. You get an idea of how they structured their content, how they used Headline, Titles, Meta, and everything. But wait! won’t you ask why I am advising you to do so? This is because you have to beat your competitors in every possible way. If you don’t analyze you won’t understand how your suggested keyword engaging people. Your blogging for SEO success won’t go up to the mark.

Sketch A Structure Of Your Article

In spite of, other than watching that your content is valuable and elegantly composed, you have to ensure it is sorted. Your readers should almost certainly examine your content and get the exact thing they are looking for. This isn’t simple undertaking the persona of every single visitors because they usually vary visitor to visitor. A wide range of people visits your site daily, and every one of them has various desires. But a common structure may contain- Your Heading then little more introduction about what you’re telling your audience. After that some bullet points or sub-headings to divide your article into sub-parts then a Conclusion. Consequently, Search engines also resemble the on-page structure of your content. Better you create a Blog SEO checklist before drafting any article.

Seo Checklist Download
Download Your Copy Now

Optimize Your Title

Title labels are shown on results pages as the interactive feature for a given outcome and are significant for ease of use, SEO, and social sharing. So, Title Optimization is another important SEO effort that you can put to your Blog SEO tips. Elasticizing your content is not everything. Giving it a proper title is always been a prime factor while you writing. Using your focused key-phrase in the title will be the best option while writing an SEO Optimized article. You can check your SERP snippet with a tool called Headline Optimizer. You can also follow some best headline optimization tips by MOZ.

Use Focused Key-phrase in Introduction

Setting your key-phrase in the introduction part is the most extreme accommodating for SEO factor. Web crawlers love the appropriately designed composition. What’s more, utilizing the best possible keywords for blogs will lead your article to an SEO agreeable blog composing.

Key-phrase Distribution

People mistakes in utilizing the key-phrase in their article. They use focused keyword in the Title section, that’s it. Nothing more. No ! you don’t repeat the same mistake. Use the SEO space of putting keywords throughout the entire body of your article. But don’t stuff keywords everywhere.

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Use Semantic Keywords For Better SEO Result

You probably heard about semantic keywords. Semantic keywords are kind of similar in nature or related keywords that search engines understand. These keywords are also known as LSI( Latent Semantic Indexing ) keywords. These are essential seo booster. Rather than stuffing keywords here and there you can make use of that LSI keywords to write seo optimized copy. You can use free LSI Keyword Generator to create semantic keywords.

Remember of Key-phrase Density

Don’t hasten, take your time to write an article. Don’t forget about your focused keyword density. Focusing on your keyword is, of course, a good thing but make sure you are not using it in higher density. You can utilize something like 3 percent of your keyword in your entire copy. Search crawlers will have a more terrible effect in the event that you utilize a higher percent of your keyword.

Write an Effective Meta Description

Meta Description is something else to remember while distributing your blog. It is only a short portrayal of your article. which is appeared beneath the primary title in the indexed lists. Ensure you are composing a catchy portrayal that can attract more clicks.


You should also keep the factor in mind about your meta description length. It shouldn’t be very large that search result couldn’t show the over-sized text properly. It also shouldn’t be too small to express the rich text.

Edit Your Snippet If Required

A snippet is an outlook of your title and meta appears in the search result. If you need to get more clicks from search result list items, you have to enhance your snippet and see how your site looks in those indexed lists. A snippet is important because it should carry a valid reason why should people click on your link. Seo post description is the second view after the Seo title. And Google says it has a high impact on your Click-Through Rate (CTR). So be concise, clear and click-worthy when you are editing your snippet.

If you have been using a popular WordPress SEO plugin called Yoast then you can easily see and edit your snippet using this plugin. Yoast offers two different kind of snippet- one is for Mobile and another one is for Desktop.

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Make Internal Linking For SEO

Internal connections make it easier to connect with other related content and give Google thought of the structure of your site. So utilizing the privilege internally connecting process can help you boost your SEO. You have a chance at this point to link back to your old posts when you’re composing a new one. However, you also have a chance to link your new content with the old ones. You can use the linking tactic for the sake of driving traffic to your other pages or articles.

If I say, you must be aware of Digital Marketing Facts before going through SEO Optimization. Here I am referring my content which is on Must-Know Facts of Digital Marketing to look before you start your SEO journey.

Optimize The Length Of Your Article

How long should a blog post be for seo? should it be 300? 1000? 1200? Before jumping into any conclusion let’s make a quick test and see what we are getting.

Different Post Length Ranking Test

I searched for the same query “how long should a blog post be for seo”. You can see the top 5 results are having different word counts and their position is also not according to their post length. So there is no such standard actually exists. But what I’ve tested and learned a post should consist of at least 1200 or more words so that you can get a better SEO result. Along with that make your article easy to read and understandable.

Use Simple URL Structure

Now, you might be questioning yourself- why are the structures of URLs important for SEO? Yes, it does have an impact when you see you on-page search engine optimization. A well-structured URL gives the two parties people and web indexing crawlers a straightforward sign of what the targeted page will be about. Don’t include special characters or any symbols in your URL. Just be plain and simple with keywords. You can use online tools like Seo friendly URL checker to ensure an optimized structured URL.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Mobile accessibility is my next tips for blog seo. Earlier, Google announced the mobile-friendliness update that sites with being responsive and mobile-friendly will get a higher rank. Google expressed that search engines were going to give special ranking to sites that are mobile-friendly. This applies to your entire site. That means every single page of your site should carry the friendliness.

Today, if you look at your analytics report you will find a lot of traffic is coming from mobile devices. Hence, make your site mobile-ready at least for your visitors, if you are not obliged by the Google core update.

Check your site for mobile-friendliness with Google Mobile-Friendly Test.


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Optimize Your Images For SEO

My next SEO tips for a blog article is Image Optimization. We generally upload images with our article but did we think a text can be read by the human as well as by the crawlers. But how a web crawler understand images? Though we are in the era of artificial intelligence, where an image can be read. Nonetheless, to be on a safe side optimize the images for seo. Add image ALT text to define the image properly.

Use your focused keyword or related key-phrases if possible while defining your image. Use dashes (-) to separate key-phrases rather using underscore (_).

Use Category And Tags To Classify Your Content

Categories and tags are also on-page SEO factors. Both are two essential approaches to classify your content hierarchy. Let’s understand it simple, categories are the general classes or groups, where you structure the contents of your entire website. while tags are more explicit key-phrases which portrays your posts in more detail.

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Since I’ve been reaching people with my Free Digital Marketing Tutorials, I can define this particular article under the category of SEO optimization. Therefore, people can easily move to my section with the defined category. Similarly, if someone uses Search Box to find about SEO articles on my site they can easily get those articles with SEO tags. Remember don’t use too many similar tags.

Update Your Old Posts To Make Them Current

According to Moz, content gradually becomes less fresh with time. To retain the freshness of your old contents you must update your content. When you show Google your content is updated or new, you’ll notice the changes in ranking or traffic certainly. 65% of blogs proprietors haven’t refreshed in the previous year! By giving crisp, pertinent substance and performing fundamental blog entry enhancement, you can exploit the numerous advantages blogging offers.

Try Different Content Format

Always stay ahead of the trends. Crafting a quality content is good but if you look around there are so many content format, maybe your readers are expecting the same from you. And if you don’t do that with time readers will pick someone else as their mentor. So, always try and test different content formats like a podcast or a video content to be stand out in the crowd.

Use Social Sharing To Maximize The Reach

Last SEO tips for a blog but not the least, use social media platforms to broaden your content reach. This is the best tactic to gain instant traffic to your article. Google measures the amount of traffic and shares of your content and ultimately, this also helps in SEO ranking.

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Conclusion For Blog SEO Tips

Keep in mind, quality content always performs well and good content also invites a number of external linking connection with your article, shares, tweets and return visitors to your website. First, you make sure why you need to create an article then think about how to optimize your post for SEO ranking. Do deep SERP research what is already there and how you can add value to your content. Choose the right seo keyword examples to get hype from search engines.

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There are several SEO Tools and SEO Plugins out there to guide you to the right search engine optimization path. Do check them. You must improve your readability score and follow the basic blog seo tips to write an optimized article that actually get attention from search engines as well as from readers. Not only focusing on on-page SEO will do your job, focus on your off-page SEO optimization to get a better result. That’s it. Search engines will do the rest.


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