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6 SEO Tips for Blog-Beginner Guide to Blog SEO

Creating Blog posts is much easier nowadays. what is hard- to rank it on the topmost pages of search engines. Today, if you are reading my post that only because of SEO BLOG. As a blogger, you always need to supervise your article for SEO friendliness. Is my blog article SEO friendly?

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The common question on internet today is

How to optimize your Blog Article for SEO?

-the thought in each blogger’s mind. How do I rank my Blog? Well, the answer is compact within SEO, when you write, keep some tips in your mind, that’s it. Remember, Search engines only shows those results which have the potentiality.

As in all writing, writing blog posts requires skills. To keep your reader interested, you should think about the structure of your piece and write appealing articles.

So, Lets start with the writing tips!

Keyword Researching

Before you start writing, take time to research on that particular keyword. You need to do that. Choosing the right keyword does matter a lot. Keyword research is a very important factor in SEO. You have to figure out which keywords your audience is searching for. If you don’t do that you are likely to be headed backward by the audience as well as by the search engines.

You have to use all those keywords in your article to gain the audience. Remember using the keywords is not just the fact here. Using it in a prominent place will do the exact job for your Blog Seo.

There are several keyword researcher tools available on the internet. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. You can start with some free keyword planner tool like Google keyword planner or

SEO Title Width

Elasticizing your content is not everything. Giving it a proper title is always been a prime factor while you writing. Using your focused keyphrase in the title will be the best option while writing Blog for SEO.

SEO title for blog

Use of Key-phrases

As it already mentioned focused keyword should be in Title. The exact match of your keyword should appear in SEO title of your blog. Use your key phrase at the beginning and other phases are mentioned bellow.

Keyphrase in Introduction

Placing your keyphrase in the introduction para is the utmost helpful for SEO factor. Search engines love the properly formatted writing. And using the proper format will lead your article to an SEO friendly blog writing.

Keyphrase Distribution

Using proper keyword in the introduction area is not the enough thing. You have to use your keyword in such a manner that it should get distributed into all your text. It should not be an uneven use also. Using synonyms or related keywords will be a perfect choice here.

Keyphrase Density

Focusing on your keyphrase is obviously a good thing but make sure you are not using it in higher density. Approx you can use up to 3 percent of your keyphrase in your writing. Search crawlers will have a worse impact if you use a higher percent of your keyphrase.

Meta Description For SEO

Meta Description is another thing to keep in mind while publishing your blog. It is nothing but the short description of your article. which is shown below the main title in the search results. Make sure you are writing a catchy description that will attract your audience.

meta seo title

Meta Description Length

You should also keep the factor in mind about your meta description length. It shouldn’t be very large that search result couldn’t show the text properly. It also shouldn’t be too small to express the rich text.

Snippet Editing- SEO Optimization

The post slug is the user friendly URL valid name of a post. Most common usage of this feature is to create a permalink for each post.

So again the same thing applies here- using your keyphrase in slug is the best choice to create a better slug.

Linking Your Blog Content

Linking your content with others article is always helpful for SEO. Your content should refer to any others article is best for a user-friendly blog article.

Linking are of two types 

Internal Linking

Internal Linking is used for referring your own content. Like if I say, you must be aware of Digital Marketing Facts before going through SEO Optimization. Here I am referring my own content which is on Must Know Things of Digital Marketing.

Outbound Linking

Outbound linking are links that are meant to take you elsewhere. These are links that are going to direct you to another specific webpage.

Like if I say, have a look on my another article on what is SEO? Moreover, this a separate page which I am referring, not in the same domain. So, this is external or inbound linking.

Image Alt Attributes

Many of the content writers avoid this, but this is something a tiny SEO blog tip which you should follow. Using attributes in an image is also a prime factor for SEO friendly blog. Nonetheless, Images are shown in search results with the help of Alt attributes.

Conclusion For Blog SEO

Nowadays, quality content is king. And good content also leads to more links, shares, tweets and return visitors to your website. First you make sure why you need to create an article then think about how to optimize your post for SEO ranking. You must improve your readability score and follow the basic steps for SEO for your Blog. That’s it. Search engines will do the rest.


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