Does Facebook Organic Content still has Organic Reach?

You might have noticed the drastic decrease in organic reach of your Facebook unboosted post if you are managing a Facebook page for the past years. Does Facebook Page post reach decreasing by the time? Well Yes, not only the organic reach but also the overall page views and engagements which were likely to be declining over time.

Decreasing Facebook organic reach

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Now, the biggest question- why Facebook organic reach is decreasing? Does Facebook content reach have that same value as before? or Facebook focusing on making a marketing platform rather than a social platform?

Facebook Statistic

What is an organic reach on Facebook?

According to Facebook, Organic reach refers to how many people you can reach for free on Facebook by posting content to your Page. That is pretty much clear that you are gaining audience reach without promoting your content. That is kind of an organic post.

There are two types of Reach basically, Paid and Organic. How can I differentiate the different reach? In the Insight section of your page, you will see the Total Reach Matrics. It will show you the organic and paid reach volume. The bellow image is showing the matrics.

facebook organic reach metrics

Why Facebook Organic Reach is Decreasing?

If we look back in the time, It was easy to get organic reach from a post. But later, in 2018 Facebook announced some of its algorithm changes. Moreover, the average organic reach on Facebook was considerably low. In January 2018, Facebook’s News-Feed Head clarified that- Facebook is going to shift ranking to make News Feed more about connecting with people and less about consuming media in isolation.

Eventually, The war for getting a space in news feed begins for both Personal page owners as well as for the Business Page owners.

Now let’s dig into the reasons why Facebook Organic Reach gone down-

There are three main reasons for declining the organic reach

High Content Competition

In previous time there were fewer content creators and the competition was like normal. After 2014 the news feed space became more competitive.

According to a survey, 55 million status updates are made every day on Facebook. With the increasing number of boosted content, published by the advertisers, it became really hard to give them space too in the news feed.

Change In Facebook Algorithm

The 2018 Facebook algorithm update was made to give relevant contents to the audience, around the individuals’ friends and family members. Rather than promoting businesses promotions.

With this update, they prioritize posts that are meaningful and relevant to the users. The prediction, which posts will be in the news feed, will be based on factors like shares, comments, likes, engagement. So the relevancy level will be higher than ever.

Change In News Feed

Facebook’s algorithm change also affected the news feed area and this is also a reason for the declining organic reach of Facebook. At the beginning when someone logs in to Facebook, the news feed loads approximately 250 posts and all the 250 posts counted as reach. But now, the reach depends on how many posts he scrolled down.

Does organic reach still exist in 2019?

Yes, of course! Facebook Organic reach still exists. You know why? Because Content is the main thing here. Quality content still has that reach on Facebook.

Whether you are promoting or trying organically. Yes, I know reach matters, but reach doesn’t guarantee action [Shares, Likes, comments]. Facebook organic reach percentage might have shown a drastic change but not finished yet. What matters is- How people acted on your post.

Can I get success With this Decreasing Organic Reach of Facebook?

As the largest communicating social media platform with almost 2.5 million monthly active users, Facebook is one of the best platforms to be considered here for reaching. Many businesses have shown us the success story with maximum reach through Facebook Organic Posts.

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For Example- Cadbury Creme Egg shifted its strategy to focus on reaching 16-24-year-olds at a meaningful scale in the Facebook News Feed, it saw business results that rivaled TV for efficiency.

So, make more focus on what you’re creating for your audience. Because Organic reach is highly dependable on Content. Facebook Organic Reach is still alive to give you support.


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