Windows Sandbox-a Tailored Virtual Experience

Have you ever been in a state where you had to get a fresh install of windows as you corrupted all your windows files? Sometimes we need to install some outsourced applications to run. We afraid that we don’t mess up the program files. If we did, we had no choice rather than get a fresh installation. But don’t worry Windows latest build is here to banish all your worries. Microsoft brings a virtual tailored desktop experience in their latest Insider Build 18305.

windows sandbox

Windows sandbox is an isolated lightweight virtual desktop environment for running application.

Windows features are still developing. Sandbox in Windows 10 release has the best feature to experience on. In Windows 10 we have encountered so many features and stability updates. Sandbox is the new and fresh feature offered by Microsoft. where you can run any untrusted software or applications without affecting the main os. Any programs or software running or installed within the sandbox is temporary. That means it will be no longer available to execute once you close the program.

Basic Features of Windows Sandbox

Windows sandbox offers a distinctive environment that enables users to run a virtualized operating system experience.

Clean and Flawless Run

It is as clean as your new installation of windows. Each time you run sandbox you will get the flawless experience as brand new. Of course, it is a part of windows that you rely on completely.


No doubt the integrated GPU works very smooth. It has the best visualization experience ever.

Smart Usability

The smart memory management feature makes it an independent machine. Once you close the application, all your data, residual files and software will be trashed.

This feature of windows is only available with the latest windows insider build 18305 or more.

SetUp Guide

Let’s see how you can setup active this feature: within 3 steps

Step 1

You must have at least Build 18305 or higher.

Step 2

You must have active visualization mode active in BIOS, in case you are using a physical machine. If you are using a virtual run, you need to enable nested visualization in PowerShell cmd-

Set-VMProcessor -VMName <VMName> -ExposeVirtualizationExtensions $true  

Step 3

sandbox feature

Go to windows start menu and search for Windows Features. check the windows sandbox option and click ok.

You are all set to run sandbox now. Go and search for “Windows sandbox” in the start menu and run it, say yes to run the elvation.

Key Features of Windows Sandbox

Dynamic Image Generation

Sandbox is lightweight because it runs on the hosted OS. It actually copies all the necessary files from the os installed on your computer. It creates a dynamic image form the hosted immutable files and runs.

Smart Memory Management

Sandbox has got the kernel integration. which allows a single physical machine to be carved up into many virtual machines which share the same physical hardware.

Smart Power Management

Windows Sandbox is also aware of the host’s battery state, which allows it to optimize power consumption. This is critical for a technology that will be used on laptops, where the wasting of battery power is important to the user.


Sandbox has now the support hub that is called Feedback Hub.

You can report a problem or suggest them any feature update through the Feedback Hub.


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