Did you know 56% of the marketers believe that content marketing gives them a lot more exposure to their businesses? And the rest number of the marketers might not have just tried content marketing as their primary marketing approach or don’t know how to do content marketing? That’s true because this inbound marketing tactic is the most effective, useful, and practical digital marketing strategy that your brand can use to grab people’s eyes towards your brand.

In the past days, it was quite easy to rank a piece of content on the search result, whether you are making a blog content or something else. But in the current scenario content marketing is likely to be overlooked by many audiences, Unless and until you put an amazing piece of content. So should we just give up now? The answer is NO ! if you are not putting in a proper content plan for your marketing, you are missing out on many opportunities of getting found on the internet.

In today’s topic, I will be sharing my content marketing tips and tricks that I found to be worked with examples. The topic will also cover the best content marketing tips for small businesses or startups, especially for those who never had a content marketing plan or any idea of how to take advantage of the content marketing strategy for their small business. So let’s start our lesson today.

What is content marketing?

Before we start I just want you to understand what content marketing is in the real world. Though I know many of you would say Content is just a piece of piece information to communicate with and when we apply it in our marketing approach it is said to be content marketing.

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Well, I know, content marketing is a vital marketing approach concentrated on fabricating and sharing valuable, relevant and significant content to attract the audience. But that is a very basic and conceptual definition in my opinion that you can easily find from any source on the internet. But what I want you to understand what does content means in marketing. Because if you don’t make out your business content you can’t make a proper marketing approach for your business.

What does content mean in marketing?


Content marketing makes it not quite the same as what you as of now do to sell your items or services. Content in marketing implies that you have to comprehend your audience along with their prospects. When you do, you can make content that will resonate with your audience’s query.

Content Marketing Tips and Tricks

What does it mean when we, marketers say content. In my opinion, it can be anything, a blog post, an Instagram post or a story or it might be an e-book. The form of content can be anything that matters is how it satisfying your targeted audience. Do you know, one of the essential reasons why content marketing works is that it centers around recounting stories and building story, instead of simply putting prospects with various deal’s offer. To confirm you’re ready to develop an effective content marketing plan here are my best content marketing tips for b2b content marketing as well as b2c content marketing-

Create Content That Relates Users

The next thing we will be discussing on content creation tips is content relevancy. What exactly relevant content is to you? Is it the content only be related content from your niche? Relevant content can be defined in two different ways. For an SEO expert, relevant content is a group of valuable keywords that a search engine can relate to. For a marketer, related content is the content that will enhance the value of your audience. Providing value to your audience.

Now, what relevancy should you follow to meet the term relevant content? I would suggest you follow both. There’s nothing of the sort as a content that will apply to everybody. relevancy is completely audience-dependent. That is the reason you have to make a Buyer’s persona or a customer persona. You have to understand your set of audience before you can ever plan to be significant to them. What is Buyer’s Persona? Have patience! We will discuss that too later in this lesson.

Create A Content Goal

Every piece of content should carry a proper goal. A report by CoSchedule shows that 26% of marketers don’t even have a marketing goal. Without a proper goal, you can not achieve content marketing success. Ask yourself what are you attempting to achieve by making and publishing your content? Is it for brand awareness? or you want something else from your content marketing strategy?

In my case, I am creating this piece of content to attract the audience to read about How to make your content marketing strategy and some content marketing tips to grow your content marketing strategy. 

Keep In Mind About Content Marketing Writing Tips

While talking about tips for content marketing strategy how we can miss the content writing tips. Though there is no such secret formula for writing better content. If you see back in 2019 when content marketing strategy tips were like put keywords and keywords to rank better. But it is not exactly the same now. You have to focus on creating quality content and a proper content strategy for digital marketing approach. it was then easy to rank a piece of content on the searches but not now. So, don’t forget! your content should add some value to the reader. Here are some successful content marketing writing tips for you-

  • Create a Sparking Headline- Your headline decides whether your reader will read the rest of the topic or not. So try to create a head-turning headline so that your reader can generate sparking interest to read more about your content.
  • Try Grabbing User attention Within the first para- Reports say a user intent usually varies from 3 to 5 seconds for content. If they find something grabby within this period of time then they will continue reading or else they will bounce back. If you creating large content like a blog post or article then make sure you attend something attention making in your first para. Otherwise, if you are creating any other form piece of content rather than a blog article then make sure you are putting something that grabs the user’s attention.

Understand How Buyer Buy-The Buyer’s journey

Every piece of content should express why you are creating this piece of content and for whom. The buyer’s journey is nothing but a collection of data of different individuals containing their behavior of reaction towards your product or services. A content marketer analyses every single phase of the customer’s journey and then decide what content to produce and how.

Buyer’s Journey

Let’s take an example and understand-
Suppose You’re making persona for a health care brand. Anny is working women form India. Due to her job schedule, she couldn’t take care of her family’s health condition. Let’s check how we can target her based on her buyer’s persona. The Above image is describing how we resolve her pain points and make her content consumer in different stages in her journey.

Create Actionable Content That Drives Engagement

Actionable contents are the contents that can without much of a stretch be executed by the readers. As such, it is the kind of content that consumers find informative, significant, engaging and extraordinary. These type of contents generally express not only what to do but also how to do. Noteworthy actionable contents can draw traffic and create more leads. Significantly, it delivers quantifiable development in conversion.

Analyze Your Current Analytics Metrics

Have you checked your website analytics before? To determine what is working for you and what not you must rely on analytics data. Concentrating on analytics will assist you with refining and improving your website performance as well as your content strategy. Measuring every single data like how your existing content s are driving traffic, which content or page has the most traffic. You can check all your analytics data and you can gauge your content marketing strategy tips with content marketing analytics.

Don’t Miss The Content Optimization Opportunity

It is no surprise that while there is content there must be Content SEO Optimization. Just like an engine without fuel leaves no acceleration, content without SEO can’t keep you up on the search engine result page. Without having a proper seo strategy you can’t gain free organic traffic. So if you are writing for a purpose you must check for the content optimization process to make it top-visible for the audience. Furthermore, looking for SEO relevant content, researching for the right keyword and utilizing them in your content should be your first start.

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Keep Your Content Consistent and Up To Date

In this rapidly changing industry creating content is not enough. Keeping your content fresh and being consistent is also matters. You don’t want your readers to have data on your site that is no longer valid. Chances are that people will choose your competitor to get their query solved rather than choosing you if you don’t update your content consistently and timely.

Offer Some Freebies With Your Content

Offering free resources or value-added content to the audience is an amazing content marketing tip that I can give you right now. I’ve tested that strategy and found the conversion rate is likely to be above 40% in my case which is much more higher than normal content. Most of the time I use free resources in my content that can help my audience to grow. So, this is the take, try to offer free value to your audience what your competitors are not approaching. People are likely gonna make a connection with you.

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I hope you must hear about the free SEO tool called Ubersuggest. If you don’t know then it’s a free complete SEO tool provided by Neil Patel, one of the greatest Digital Marketer. He has been offering Ubersuggest for free while other providers are charging a lot of money for the same. You can imagine what ROI he is getting from this free offering.


Educate People Rather Than Trying To Sell

Remember “people don’t buy what you are selling, people buy why you are selling”. We usually get hesitated when someone comes with the same sales pitch again and again to us. It is annoying. As a marketer, you always need to think as a consumer before you take any decision, especially in marketing strategy. Understand the pain points of a customer as mentioned earlier in buyers persona. Try to educate people rather making them hesitated by your sells-pitch. If you can inspire them through your content they will likely to make business with you.

When you’re making instructive content, you are still promoting your business. But promoting with the help of content. Regardless you’re selling your products and services, however, the selling is the only path out of sight.

Create Blog Contents As Primary Content Marketing Strategy

If you look at the case studies of successful brands you can find they have been using blog contents as their primary content marketing strategy. Yes, blogs or articles help boost your SEO performance as well as content strategy. To put it plainly, blogging helps tell a story about your organization and connect with your audience. Blogging also helps in bringing traffic to your site which eventually increases your chance of conversion if you are moving to the right direction of content marketing strategy.

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Re-purpose Your Old Contents To Increase Visibility

Let’s say I am writing this article on content marketing tips you must be following to make your content marketing strategy successful. This will bring me some traffic for a couple of months and due to the increasing number of competition and SEO factors I might lose my search result ranking if I don’t make any update to this post.

That’s true. But this is a relevant and evergreen content. I mean as long as there would be content marketing there will be content marketing tips. What if I repurpose this content from time to time. Now you must be thinking what is repurposing content? This simply means reusing your current content in different platforms with different attributes to drive more traffic to your site. This actually works. Your evergreen contents can be repurposed to grab traffic and ensuring them that great content is never forgotten.

Maintain A Content Calendar

So as to create and hold your Brand image you ought to make and share quality and relevant content consistently. Unfortunately, as a business manager or digital marketer, we left with very little time in our hands to kick start all our prediction into action at the same time. Better to have a content calendar to maintain all our content schedules in a place. It reduces the chances of missing out on ideas and time.

How you can maintain a content marketing calendar? Well, there are several tools like TrelloWordPress Editorial Plugin, Google Calendar you can use them. Or I have created a free content marketing editorial calendar template which you can download and use to organize your content. I personally use it to organize my content calendar.

Enable Social Sharing In Your Content

Sharing is probably the most ideal approaches to help spread your content. People will love to share your content if they find relevant engaging or interesting. The more they share the more you get traffic to your site. You can utilize social media sharing and carry new users to your site. But why social media? It is anticipated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe by the end of 2019. And if you can get 0.1% of these total users as your traffic you can have a drastic change in your sales curve. So enable easy social sharing options in your content so that people can read and share your content with others.

Tryout Different Content Types

The digital market is getting saturated day by day, making it exceptionally hard for content marketers and organizations to stick out. So how you gonna put your content in front of your audience. How do you know what type of content is going to be best for your audience? Well, there is no definitive answer to this question. You have to try different content in a different form and check which type of content is doing best for you. If you don’t try how could you understand what is working or whatnot? To get success in content marketing, you must try a different form of content and then decide your next content marketing strategy based on the stats you are getting. Here is a content trend you can check.

trends-for different-content-form

Diving Deeper- Try A/B test to conclude your content marketing plan. Where you put a set of content with labeling “A” and another set of content labeling with “B” and test both the more effective content stat. Now you can finalize whether to go with A set or with B set.

Make Use of The Influencer’s Branding

81% of marketers believe that influencing marketing is fruitful for them. 51% of marketers have seen an immediate growth in sales after using influencers to promote their business. they get better customers from influencer marketing. If a put the numbers aside, you say- you believe in the words of a trust-able person rather than the normal person even if on the same words. That’s the power of influence. What’s more, the organizations and brands that know about this and have just put resources into influencer advertising efforts have created up to a 520% rate of return.

Don’t Forget To Add A Clear Call-to-action Button

A clear call to action button is an essential part of any website content. CTAs are fundamental. People, for the most part, don’t do stuff except if you guide them to.

Guiding them what to do next is kind of taking care of your audience or nurturing them for your next step. It’s extremely imperative to manage your visitors through the purchasing adventure utilizing key CTAs. 

For example- You read the best content marketing tips I’ve discussed above. Now what? Now, I would like to guide you to What are the content marketing challenges and how to overcome them easily.

Follow The 80/20 Rule

Have you heard of Pareto’s principle? It’s about 80/20 rule. You might be thinking what is 80/20 rule in content marketing? It says if you are creating content with your 20% effort then you must give your 80% effort to promote it. Spend your time to promote your content. Without promoting your content you can’t get the desired audience to come to your site. Creating content is not enough. You must reach people with your content so that they know about you or your brand.


Content Marketing is a cheaper and effective marketing strategy that can help you boost your traffic as well as branding. That is the reason companies are utilizing it today. The way to guaranteeing that it keeps on working is by utilizing new and imaginative strategies like defining more clear content showcasing objectives and defined goals. And follow those best content marketing tips to take your content marketing approach to the next level. That’s it for today.


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  1. Marketing does seem like a tricky thing to do properly. It is nice to know that it would be smart to try doing content marketing because it is cheaper than other types of marketing. That is something I wouldn’t have realized about that type of marketing.

    • Hey Ivy, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Content marketing costs pretty less, nearly 62% less than outbound marketing and it generates more than three times as many leads as others.

  2. Hey Neel, I am starting a new blog and I would love it if you made a blog post about how to get users/traffic on your website if it is brand new. I also learned so many great tips for content marketing here. Thanks for this blog.

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