15 On-Page SEO Techniques- Tips to #1 Rank in Google

As a beginner, you always need to struggle a lot to get the rank in Google search results. Search Engine Optimization has always been a hectic factor for website owners. Today we will discuss 15 best On page SEO tricks that will minimize your SEO load while writing your next content. But before we start, you need to understand that SEO is not a magical tool and neither it is a magic way to rank your website on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing.

If you are new to SEO please follow The Beginner’s Guide to SEO. This guide covers the fundamental strategies that make your websites search engine friendly. Understanding the basic factor, you should keep in your mind while making your content.

Search Engines worked on different complex algorithms. It will a be determined attempt to make them convince that your website has the potential content.

Nevertheless, there are certain facts you need to check before you start your on-page SEO optimization-

Content is the King

Structured Content

Content Size

Revamp your Snippet

SEO friendly URLs

Linking Your Content

Use of Breadcrumb

Optimize your images

Improve your page speed

Mobile Friendliness

Dwell Time

Use of LSI Keywords

Create & Submit XML Sitemap

Using Webmaster Tools

Easy Sharing Option

on page seo

Content is the King

I consider good valuable content to be the 1st part of On page SEO. Because if you don’t have a content which can get a position from a search engine then you should also forget about SEO optimization. Having quality and fresh content is always been a prime factor to get the most organic searches from search engines. Content is still considered to be a king in the ranking factor.

A Good Content?

When someone asks me, what do you mean by a good content?

I say, in simple words, content is said to be a good one when it appears up to the mark of a searcher’s query. Moreover, if your content delivers the proposed description, people will interact more. people will spend more time on your page.

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Google has recently specified some major criteria regarding content. Among the content writing suggested guidelines they included some questions to ask after you finish a post, to help you determine the quality of your content.

Quality or Quantity?

People often ask me should I focus on quality or quantity?

I say both. Both will be a major factor. But remember the word quantity should not directing any rubbish talks. Always give priority to the value of the content. Quantity will automatically be followed up.

If you can specify an answer in a single line that is also acceptable in terms of search engines.

Structured Content

The 2nd step of on page optimization is creating structured content. An easily understandable content is more appreciable to both a human and a search bot.

Guide throughout the SEO effort-

  • Use H1 tags for the post Title
  • Use H2 tags for the body headings
  • Adding H3 tags intensely
  • Bold & Italic formatting use- to draw attention
  • Fonts should be easy to read

Content Size

The size of the content does matter a lot in view of Search Engines. Google always try to push relevant higher sized content to the top of the results. Although, there is no boundation that you must write a lengthy content, make sure you are adding sufficient value to your content.

Revamp your Snippet

Don’t get confused about snippet. It’s a part of On Page SEO. A snippet is nothing but a view of the slug and meta description of your post.

Why snippet is important?

Snippet helps you build a text that truly stands out in the search results to get you traffic. People might show interest in your website after looking at your snippet.


  • The meta description should contain the focused keyword
  • Seo Title should be intact
  • The Slug should not contain any stop words
  • Improve your content readability score

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SEO friendly URLs

While guiding through on page SEO tutorial, It is another major fact that how to structured your URLs. As it’s a part of your SEO effort.

I’ve seen many websites containing unusual permalink structure, that is hard to understand. If as a human, I am not understanding what is the exact URL then how could a search bot can?

A good URL structure should be-


Linking Your Content

Internal linking is a very important factor for website SEO. Link with your related posts either by using keyword anchor text or by using the full article title.

There are two types of linking-

Internal Linking
Outbound/External Linking

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Make sure your targeted link should be useful to the reader as well as to search engines. Don’t use “Click here or (….) ”  type of links.

External Linking are hyperlinks that point any other domain other than the source domain.

Does it really help in SEO?  

External links may seem counter-intuitive. After all, you don’t want your audience clicking on links that direct them away from your site. However, linking to trustworthy materials helps you also appear to be an authority. And It also helps you in the ranking.

A breadcrumb or breadcrumb trail is a graphical controllable element. Which ease your navigation aid.

Home/Articles/SEO/beginners guide

If someone wants to navigate to your home page, breadcrumb will help them do it with ease. Don’t confuse users with navigation.

Optimize your images

Your image size decides your page loading time. So make sure you optimized your images to get the optimum speed.

on page image optimization
On Page image Optimization

Other things to check-

  • Use Alt Text to your image.
  • Name your image which suits. Don’t use IMG0001/ Capture005/ Annotation0056
  • Compress your images without losing quality

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Improve your page speed

While talking about on page SEO guide how can one forget about page speed? Now a day page speed is a prime fact for search engines. Whole users’ interactions depend on how fast your page is loading.

Google clearly mentioned many times that page speed is a ranking factor. Yet many webmasters don’t focus on their page load time. A fast speed will increase user interactions, conversion rate.

 What should I do?

  • Use cache cleaner to clean caches
  • Use fewer plugins to interact fast
  • Optimize images
  • Consider using a CDN Service [Content Delivery Network]

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Mobile Friendliness 

A large number of searchers searching their query on a mobile device these days. As per the data, the use of smart-phones has increased to 80% while Computer devices are remaining at 20% to perform a search.

Think deeply, I accept your content will give the accurate results to a searcher but what If, Google doesn’t show your result to the searcher. Just because your post page is not well optimized for mobile devices. You will be lifted back in SERP.

Make sure you are choosing a responsive website design that performs soft in mobile devices.

Dwell Time

Dwell time is the significant time of your visitors, the phase of time your visitors spent on your content. If someone bounces back after reaching your site, it means the experience with the site is of low quality. So, Google uses the Dwell Time algorithm to evaluate your page experience. The higher your dwell time ratio the better you rank.

Use of LSI Keywords

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing, a technique in natural language processing. Where Google and other search engines use to find the relation between different terms and contents and related keywords. That gives a better idea of your content to the search engines. Like here if I am talking about SEO tricks then the term should contain On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Thus search engines understand the concept on which I am talking.

Create & Submit XML Sitemap

A site map is a model of a website’s content designed to help both users and search engines navigate the site.

Creating sitemap is essential because it gives an organized chart of your site to the search engines. Which helps better understanding your page niche and keywords.

Using Webmaster Tools 

This is the place to register and submit your web site to their index. Webmaster tools help you to identify various issues like indexing problem, a malware infection.

It has the benefits-

  • It is a way to tell search engines about your website
  • Helps indexing web pages
  • Crawls your site and submit to search engines
  • helps in tracking the audience’s preference

Easy Sharing Options

Although sharing your content no means related to the on page SEO tips but indirectly it increases your traffic sources. Easy social media sharing option creates a flow linking between your content and visitors. That also increases linking your content with another and that too affects in the linking process.

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It is really tough to get stand out in search results. WordPress Says there are 1,390,000 new posts every day, 57 916 every hour, and 965 every single minute! That means while you reading my article here, there will be 4900 approx. new posts which are struggling to get a rank from search engines.

Don’t get stuck by the numbers, move ahead and follow the instructions. Do your keyword research before you write your next post. Then, use your keyword data to optimize the basics, such as your title tags and descriptions. That’s it.

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Who knows- maybe next time you hit the publish button and You’ll stand out this time.

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