Importance of Local SEO- How it impacts your business

You might have heard about SEO in the past days, but what is local seo in the current time. well, Local seo is another important part of digital marketing. Revealing facts- 46% of the searchers are intended to search locally. Consequently, the importance of local Seo is rewarding for your business. Let’s take an example and understand it clearly.

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importance of local seo

Suppose you are in the new city and being hungry you want to find a restaurant near you. What you can do, just take your smartphone out of the pocket and search for “restaurant near you”. You will find the results.

Now coming to the main fact that, how is this possible? that’s only because of the local seo.

What is Local-SEO?

The definitive answer is- Local seo is an optimization process to meet the local search queries online. Furthermore, It is an effective way to list your business online, which may offline or online.

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When someone is searching for local services or products online you can be in the 3 pack-search results with local seo.

What is 3 pack-search Result?

When you are searching for some product or services online, 99.9% chances are there to hype up the local business in the first listing. This is called as 3 pack search results.

As a result, the chances of doing business directly from the search result page is gone much higher.

google 3 pack search result

Moreover, you can ask if I have an organic search presence than why should I go for local seo. Well, the importance of local seo is much more relevant to the searcher. They look for the exact type of service or product and if you put yourself in the segmented area, you can get the right conversion.

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The Importance of Local SEO

The common question I was getting through a webinar- why local seo?

According, to the study by Forbes- 95% of the people used their smartphone devices to perform a local service or product search. 61 % of the searchers acted to the call to action button. Moreover, 59% of the people visited the business location after getting information about the business.

importance of local seo

If I put aside the numbers for a time, still local search results are much relevant to the searcher’s query and the probability of getting a conversion from the search is also higher.

The second most important fact of local seo is it helps in to discover your business to the local searchers as well as to the non-local searchers. A non-local searcher refers to the searcher who searching for a business like yours.

Local seo drives highly targeted customer for your business who is more likely to do business. With the citations available about your business helps the customer find the exact thing they want like reviews, ratings, services offered, etc.

If you running a small business and you don’t have a website for your business. Consequently, Local seo has higher importance for your business. It helps to stand out in local searches by listing your business on Google My Business.


With the growing number of mobile internet usability, local seo can be a rewarding seo strategy for your business. It has a great return on investment with a higher conversion rate. It drives the relevant customers to your business. Similarly, the importance of local seo stands up because here seo opportunities are absolutely free of cost [for the time being]. Whether you are listing your business on Google My Business or providing the on-page SEO tricks.

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