Inbound Marketing- A Resourceful Marketing Technique

I often ask people- how do you grow your business in this modernized market? Out of 30 Young Entrepreneur, 20 will definitely suggest me for online Inbound marketing. Do you think they suggest a better choice?

inbound marketing
In-Bound Marketing

Precisely, A report by CII & KPMG– India’s digital industry is growing with 33.5% (2015-2020) and is likely to be growing with a constant growth rate by 2025.

And now my answer is pretty much clear. You know why? Because we have many marketing strategies in digital marketing to choose from.

Inbound Marketing is one of the important and complex marketing strategies in Digital Marketing Process.

What is Inbound Marketing?

By the conceptual definition, we say,

It’s a digital marketing technique use to attract people with relevant content.

Let’s understand with an example-

Tell me, standing outside the shop what you first look for about the shop? Or what makes you gain your interest to get into the shop?

Answer– Something that attracts me or meets my mind’s expectation and finally, I step into the shop.

Yes! that’s what I was trying to clear by the Inbound Marketing Definition. Similarly, we draw people’s attention by this marketing strategy and retain them for our sales conversion.

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Inbound Marketing Strategy

Before I start explaining the strategies let me give you a minuscule idea of Customer’s Buying Process.

What is the Customer-Buying Process?

A Consumer buying process is a directive process which is further divided into three simple stages Awareness Stage>Consideration Stage>Decision Stage.

consumer buying process
Consumer Buying Process


When people are in need of something, they usually gather information about the product. Search online, ask somebody else- in any mean. Furthermore, they try to educate themselves for the product as they can’t make any buy unless they have a little knowledge about the product.


Consideration is the second important stage of a consumer buying process, where people have some sort of knowledge about the product they want to buy. And with those tenets they consider their product to make a purchase.


At this stage, finally, people full-proof the purchase decision. The decision can be taken in any manner- brand specific, offers, specification or features based.

How to use the Consumer Buying Process in Inbound Marketing?

We will now see how we can prepare a perfect inbound marketing strategy out of the consumer buying process. We create a funnel in this strategy with those buying stages and target people.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing specialist have defined “Inbound is a method of attracting, engaging, and delighting people to grow a business that provides value and builds trust.

This digital marketing strategy focuses on attracting the best-fit customers through helpful and relevant content and interaction.

inbound marketing
Inbound Marketing Strategy

Attracting People

While a searcher is in the awareness stage, we know that he/she has been researching for the product details. If it is on my niche I can aware them of my product. Likewise, we can offer our product information with online visibility as they are stranger.


“Content Within Context is Inbound Marketing”

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Marketing tactics to be taken:

  • Presenting your online visibility
  • You can attract people by providing them informative and relevant content
  • You can create blog articles to educate them about your product

Convert them into Potential

When you educate them about your product now, take the second step which is to convert them into your potential customer list. Collect their contact information to nurture them for your product.

Usually, no one going to look forward without any fruitful exchange. so be smart here and give people exchange for collecting their contact details.

You can propound them to fill up forms with various free contents or services. you can provide e-books, webinars opportunity or demos to grab their attention. You can exchange or discount offer also.

Marketing tactics to be followed:

  • Appeal them to fill up forms for your conversion or for future contact
  • Exchange free contents to use their avidity
  • Use E-mail marketing

Email marketing is one of the proven marketing tactics for any business to grow.

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You have to remember one thing, you are creating a lead from your visitors, so be specified and segmented about your content relevancy.

Purposive Assistance

In this phase, you have to bound your customer with the amenities of your product or service. Because in this phase people are generally in an utmost position to buy. They can choose any of the marketers who represent themselves perfectly. So why not you?

In addition, make a stand out in the market so that your customer can identify the value of your service.

Tactics should be followed:

  • Generally, people like making a comparison between two similar product or services to choose from. So, give a brief comparison between your competitors and you
  • Present your Testimonials
  • Show your product Reviews
  • Mention the Success Story
  • And last but not the least bound them with your best Offers

Delightful Resource

This is the last stage of inbound marketing strategy where you need to focus- how to bind and secure your relationship with the customer base you have.

Likewise, buying or selling journey is not a single action strategy, if you cannot give the utmost satisfaction to your customer you can re-target them.

What do you need to do? Nurture them with various joining gifts or cashback offer so they likely to be impressed.

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One more tactic which is also viable and many marketers implemented that within the business. It is nothing but a referral program. Which may extend your business or brand awareness and customer becomes your Brand Advocate.

Types of Bound Marketing

There are two types of bound marketing present. One is inbound marketing and the other one is outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing represents the tactics to attract people with online strategic activities.

whereas, out-bound marketing does work like traditional marketing tactics.

Here is a point to point comparison between these two marketing tactics-

Inbound marketing Outbound Marketing
– Online marketing on the internet.
– Facebook, YouTube, Google SERP
– We can use SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM,
PPC Campaigning,
Content Marketing, E-mail Marketing.
– Offline promotion or marketing without the internet.
– Bulk message sending, Tv or Radio

Ads etc
– Tactics used- SMS, Tv Ads, Hoardings


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The CMA says, 68% of online buyers spend considerable time for reading an article published by the brand they like. And you should also keep in mind that- the average online attention of a visitor is 8 seconds. If you can make them impress within this time, your inbound marketing strategy can hit the up to the mark.

Keep your prospects connected through the stages of a customer buying journey process. Don’t make a mistake with your digital prospects.


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